Retreat to the Farm

We all need retreats in our everyday lives — to disconnect, to reconnect, to feel grounded, to set ourselves free. A retreat doesn't need to be in some far-off place. {No planes required.}

In Cleveland, we're fortunate to have many dreamy destinations to discover + to retreat to in our own backyards.

You just need to look close enough.

We're making our home in Gordon Square. So, like any new family on the block, we're excited to meet + make friends with our neighbors. Long-time fans of Spice Kitchen (5800 Detroit Ave), we took about five seconds to ask Ben + Jackie Bebenroth if we could come over + play.

Spice isn't simply another delectable bite on the Cleveland restaurant tour. The restaurant's ever-changing, hyperlocal menu gets its inspiration, challenges + ingredients from the Bebenroth's sustainable practice farm, Spice Acres.

Nestled in Cuyahoga National Valley, Spice Acres farm is 20 miles south of Cleveland — just close enough, yet almost outta town. Jackie gave us a tour in spring, and we knew it was the perfect spot for an evening getaway. Fresh air, fresh flowers, fresh ingredients.

Finding our way back to earth is our first step in GroundSwell yoga classes. We ground ourselves, establish our strength, make our connection to our home base.

And that's what we see Spice Kitchen doing every day with its farm-to-plate model. The farm's ingredients drive the menu + inspire the kitchen's creations. Every dish connects back to the land around us. It's nourishment for belly + soul. 

Flower Child {FLOW} welcomed 45 wild + free friends to Spice Acres for a Thursday evening retreat. The earth was damp from a day of rain + the air was fresh with dew. 

Fresh-pressed Daily Press juices in-hand, we began with wildflower picking around the acres, followed by a Flower Crown Making workshop + a farm tour with Ben + Jackie. 

Diana Vitantonio led our {BREATHLESS} flow in the Yoga Barn that helped each of us disconnect for 75 minutes, reconnect to ourselves + set our souls ablaze.

Fire in our bellies, we flowed out of the barn to fill our bellies with farm-to-plate bites crafted by Spice + some of our favorite wines. We walked away feeling refreshed, body + soul, as if we had just finished a weekend-long retreat a day's drive away.

It was a thrill to take our first GroundSwell adventure with each of you + to experience Spice beyond the table. Special thanks to Suzuran Photography, whose magical touch captured the beauty of this event + translated it gorgeously to film. Relive it with us: see the full Flower Child photo album by Suzuran Photography.

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