GROUNDSWELL UPDATE | back to our vision.

To our tribe,

After taking the month of January to hit pause, reset, and craft our vision for 2017 - Katie and I {our small but mighty team} are thrilled to share with you what we have in store for GroundSwell Collective and the direction we are taking our programs in the year ahead.

As our founding members know, we made the decision at the end of last year to withdrawal from the brick & mortar studio project in Gordon Square. Several events and challenges lead to what was a difficult {but ultimately good} resolution. Where we have found ourselves is right back at the GroundSwell Collective start.

This business organically grew from a desire to curate collaborative movement and inspiring events all over this city {and beyond!}. Our experiences will be community events of various sizes, lifestyle programs and travel retreats all rooted in ADVENTURE, COLLABORATION, SELF CARE & INSPIRATION.

Take a peek at our updated website to browse all of the AMAZING-ness that we have planned. Be sure to join us on social + our newsletter to get the latest on how we're moving Cleveland. We are so invigorated by the path ahead and can not wait to experience all of it alongside you.


Anne Hartnett
{founder, GroundSwell Collective}

Welcome to the #SwellDeck

New schedule starts Sunday, Sept. 4

Three years ago, we dreamed we could have our very own home for rooftop yoga. Work hard + dreams come true. Our #SwellDeck opens for yoga classes Sunday, Sept. 4 at 10 a.m. with Ylonda Rosenthal-Greene {about YRG} at the helm.

Our schedule is open for booking through September + looks like this:

Why the hashtag? Because we bleeping love our #SwellDeck + look forward to seeing the experiences, photos, breakthroughs, laughs, sunsets + sunrises that happen up there. So, if you don't mind, please share them with us, using #SwellDeck.

Ready, set... let's do this, Cleveland

It all started with activities that moved the Harness Cycle pack beyond the studio. We ran bridges, paddleboarded at sunset, rocked our bliss and took yoga to the roof. The more we moved, the more our community grew. And it grew into its own company, called GroundSwell Collective.

Last Wednesday was the official brand launch of GroundSwell Collective, which we celebrated at our new headquarters: 1265 West 65th Street in Cleveland's Gordon Square. We opened our rooftop {SWELL} Deck and welcomed guests to see our interior space in-progress.

Look out for rooftop + hot yoga classes coming to Gordon Square this year. We're planning in-town adventures and outta town retreats. Next summer, we'll be hitting the water with stand-up paddleboarding + countless other ways to celebrate #lakeerielove.

But until then, take a look back at our launch party {photos by Tim Kelly} below, share your pics on Instagram with #SwellDeck and learn about our Founding Membership.

Become a {FOUNDING} Member. Ever start the wave at a baseball game? Joining GroundSwell as a founding member is like that, but this wave could change the dynamic of an entire city. You'll be first through our doors when we open the first breathless yoga studio in the nation this fall, and first to know about our unique in-town adventures + outta town retreats. There's unlimited yoga classes + handfuls of fab perks. Did we mention it's almost half off through the end of the month? But you've got to jump on this wave fast — we only have 90 Founding Member spots available until Aug. 31.

Retreat to the Farm

Retreat to the Farm

We all need retreats in our everyday lives — to disconnect, to reconnect, to feel grounded, to set ourselves free. A retreat doesn't need to be in some far-off place. {No planes required.} In Cleveland, we're fortunate to have many dreamy destinations to discover + to retreat to in our own backyards. You just need to look close enough.